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Alumni Ambassadors are graduates who can assist KWUAA alumnus being representative (as volunteers) of their respective countries. Alumni Ambassadors are intrumental in planning and hosting alumni weekend events, run and manage an alumni group in respective country, develop programs, recruits speakers for events, marketing of events in their respective country. Be able to answer to questions related to the KWUAA, its events, programs, by-laws, direct for membership, etc and be a point of contact for the country. Alumni ambassadors have completed a range of qualifications and you are free to contact any of them for help and advice in either of the two following ways:


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Become an Ambassador

Become an Alumni Ambassador


If you’re a graduate of the Kennedy-Western University, you are invited to apply to become an Alumni Ambassador.


As an Alumni Ambassador we will use the following details on our website, on other Kennedy-Western University promotional materials and our leaflets:

your name

email address


year of graduation

a short biography about you.


Potential alumnus will contact you primarily via email, but you may also be invited to participate at Weekend Events and in social media activities.

Apply to become an Alumni Ambassador - online application form below

Data Protection Act 1998


All information is held in the Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association (KWUAA) and will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity.  The data may be used by the KWUAA, recognized alumni clubs, or agents of the KWUAA for a range of alumni activities, including sending publications, offering benefits and services, organizing reunions, and in our fundraising programs.  Under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act you have the right to object to the use of your details for any of these purposes at any time.

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