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Kennedy Western University Alumni Association, is governed by Trustee Board and Council Members elected by the membership. The board shall have power and authority to manage the association’s property and to regulate and govern its affairs. The board shall determine policies of the association, and shall take such actions as it considers necessary to carry out the objectives of the association.

Open Board, Council Member Positions

There are a total of twenty elected members on the Board of Trustees and Council Members and ten of these places fall vacant this year, 2019.  Elected Board members serve a three-year term and are eligible to stand for re-election for a further term.


To be eligible, you must hold full membership of the Kennedy Western University Alumni Association (KWUAA)


The election takes place during January/February, with new Board members attending their first Board meeting immediately on 28 April, 2019






Custodianship - through an effective partnership with the President and Vice President team to ensure high quality and professional management and stewardship for the Association as a whole.


Governance - compliance with the legal and constitutional framework of the Association, as a not-for-profit organization.


Strategic development – agreeing the longer term vision for the Association and the strategic objectives






1. A current Association member holding full KWUAA member grades (Member)


2. Understanding of, and willingness to act as, a non-executive ‘director’, or ‘council member’ in a voluntary capacity;


3. Recent experience either as an executive or non-executive director (Not essential);


4. Active engagement in a management role;


5. Articulate, prepared to challenge assumptions, and able to make informed decisions for the good of the business;


6. Able to act as a ‘Champion’ for the Association both internally within the membership and externally to key stakeholders;


7. Able to demonstrate full commitment to the task of serving as a KWUAA Trustee and/or Council Member;


8. Compliance with the Association’s Code of Conduct and Practice.






Board Competences - Skills, knowledge and personal characteristics of a Board Member



• Demonstrates commitment to the aims, objectives and goals of the organization

• Remains focused and provides clarity for others in changing or unpredictable circumstances

• Creates an environment which shapes the culture of the organization

• Demonstrates high ethical standards and integrity

• Takes decisions based on a rational interpretation of the information available.


Strategic thinking

• Able to process information and find a clear way forward.

• Identifies future consequences of a wide range of issues and the change management necessary to respond.

• Communicating and influencing

• Anticipates and uses the most effective approach to influence people and situations

• Encourages and listens to the views and opinions of others

• Presents an articulate and persuasive oral argument  

• Builds a network of effective relationships.


Team working

• Supports the Board's aims and goals

• Supports the formation of an effective partnership with the full-time executive staff

• Challenges freely and constructively

• Accepts consensus decisions.


Self management

• Prepares adequately for meetings - reading papers and clarifying points in advance

• Demonstrates enthusiasm for and commitment to the work of the Board

• Respects confidences

• Responds to issues requiring action between meetings.



• Facilitates discussion

• Manages meetings and encourages participation by all committee members

• Focuses on goals of the meeting and associated decision making

• Maintains clear and effective communication and reporting links between the committee and the Board.







Being a Trustee and/or Council Member requires adequate preparation for, and committed attendance at, Board meetings.  Board members clearly have to commit their time and effort in a voluntary capacity. Council Members therefore must be able to devote sufficient time to these core duties.  


That level of commitment is as follows:


• Six weekend Board meetings each year (approximate duration of 1.5 hours)

• One full day strategy review meeting

• Possible Chairmanship of a Board Committee

• Attendance at key Association events

• Availability to engage fully and promptly in communications and discussions between meetings - via telephone and email


Minimum number of days of commitment = minimum 6 for Board meetings and, potentially, 4 days for Committee meetings. This excludes any preparatory work required for meetings and engagement in ad-hoc communications.


The Association’s Secretariat supports the work of the Board and its Committees, providing all documentation and additional information.


Reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence costs are paid by the Association in relation to a member’s Board service. This must be approved in advance.






Service on the Board provides access to information about the Association and its operations. Trustees and/or Council Members are required to treat with discretion information obtained as a result of their involvement and retain it for their personal use only.  The possibility of information being used for purposes which conflict with, or prejudice, the aims, objects and interests of the Association must be recognized and declared.







President (1 position)

Council Members (9 positions)







Interested members may submit their 'CV' and 'Candidate Statement'  to Nomination Committee, nomination@kwu-alumni.org  on or before 31 December, 2018


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