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The Alumni Fund: Creating opportunities for the next generation


"Your donations fuel the KWU Alumni Association, making it more than just a place of learning - a massive and amazing part of every student's and alumni's life."


Please donate today ! Every gift leads to an exciting outcome. Whatever amount you choose to donate, all donations have a transformational impact when added together.

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Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association (KWUAA) has a remarkable history of advancing the common good with uncommon will. But a rich past is worth nothing without an investment in the future. Private philanthropy is a critical resource that empowers alums to make seemingly impossible ideas possible and turn dreams into realities. Individual support becomes collective power-the power to lead a new generation of pioneers beyond today's challenges and charge boldly toward the discoveries of tomorrow.

Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose, and any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value. In this way, an endowment fund can grow and provide support for its designated purpose in perpetuity. When you establish an endowment fund, you create a permanent legacy of support for Kennedy-Western University.

Giving from Overseas


US residents


Those wishing to give from the United States of America, who are US taxpayers, can make their gifts tax-effective by giving through 'University of Sheffield in America Inc', the University’s North American fundraising body.  This is our 501(c)(3) registered non-profit in the United States. Our tax EIN is XX-XXXXXXX.


EU and Europe residents


Donors from the EU and Europe may donate using the above PayPal button. Please note that we can only process card or online donations in US Dollars.


Benefactors in a number of European countries may be able to make tax-efficient donations to the Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association through Transnational Giving Europe (TGE), a partnership of leading European foundations that facilitates tax-efficient cross-border giving within Europe. TGE is currently operational for donations from and to at least a dozen European countries.   The TGE network enables donors resident in one of the participating countries (both corporations and individuals) to financially support non-profit organisations in other member countries, while benefiting directly from the tax advantages provided for in the legislation of their country of residence.


For more information please contact XXXXX for more details.


Give As You Earn (GAYE)


Making a donation to Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association direct from your salary is tax free for regular or single gifts. It is the most tax-efficient method of making charitable donations. Simply check with your employer if they offer this facility.


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