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Alumni Ambassador Programme FAQs

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming an Alumni Ambassador.


As an Alumni Ambassador you will a become the contact person for the coutry you choose to represent.


Please read the questions and answers below before you apply as this will clarify the Alumni Ambassador role and help you to assess whether you will be suitable.


1. How can I apply for the role of Alumni Ambassador?

To be considered for the role of an Alumni Ambassador you must complete an application form, available on the Alumni Ambassador webpage.


2. How will my application be assessed?

Staff at the KWUAA will assess all applications and will select Alumni Ambassadors based on their suitability. The degree they completed will also be taken into account.


3. When will I be notified about the success of my application?

You will be notified about the success of your application within 3 weeks of receipt of your application form.


4. How will people contact me?

Your name, email address, qualification, year of graduation and a short biography will be listed on the Alumni pages of our website. A prospective member can view your profile online and be free to contact you directly. Your details will also be used across a wide range of other KWUAA material, such as relevant marketing emails and leaflets.


5. What is the role of Alumni Ambassador?

Alumni Ambassadors will intrumental in planning and hosting alumni weekend events, run and manage an alumni group in respective country, develop programs, recruits speakers for events, marketing of events in their respective country. Be able to answer to questions related to the KWUAA, its events, programs, by-laws, direct for membership, etc.


6. What should I do if I do not know the answer to a question?

As an Alumni Ambassador you are only required to offer your opinion on your study experiences.


7. How many emails will I receive?

It is difficult to gauge how many emails you will receive but we predict that you will receive up to 6 new email enquiries a month. Once contact between an Ambassador and student has been established it is up to both parties to create the boundaries of the relationship and the frequency with which you contact one another.


8. What happens if I receive too many emails and cannot cope with them all?

If the amount of emails you are receiving becomes unmanageable, please let us know immediately and we will assist you in easing the load. This may involve recruiting more Ambassadors or reallocating your email enquiries to other Ambassadors.


9. How many Alumni Ambassadors are you looking to appoint in each country?

We will be looking to appoint 2-3 people in each country who have undertaken different degrees. If we have a particularly high concentration of current and prospective students in a country we may appoint a high number. We may not appoint people in the same country who have undertaken the same degree.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alumni Relations by email.