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Kaplan is the world leader in test preparation and has served millions of students since its founding 76 years ago. Kaplan offers preparation for more than 90 standardized tests for college and graduate school admissions and English-language proficiency, as well as academic tutoring and pre-college test prep for students in their K through 12 years. In addition, Kaplan Test Prep offers programs to prepare professionals for a variety of licensing and advanced designation exams as well as continuing education in various fields. The Kaplan Way for Instructional Design is an evidence-based strategy informed by decades of research that drives student outcomes effectively and efficiently. It applies learning science and the latest technologies to understand expertise, design and deliver content, adapt to learners, measure progress, and continually revise educational products. The strategy promotes piloting innovations and rapidly scaling them once there's evidence of success.


The Kaplan Way includes its own set of tools and templates, along with its own delivery platform, to help designers "make the right thing to do the easy thing to do." For example, the research shows it's effective to support student motivation, so the Kaplan Way model includes a way to measure, assess, and guide student beliefs around motivation.


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