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Kennedy-Western University Values

Kennedy-Western University has adopted a set of values to serve as a benchmark for leadership and staff to implement the mission statement and goals in day-to-day operations.


1. Integrity - Adhere to transparent and ethical practices in conducting business with staff, students, faculty, and the public.


2. Student - and Service-Oriented- A primary focus is to serve and support students with a strong faculty, quality content, and relevant advising.


3. Continuous Improvement - Embrace change in all aspects of the organization and academic infrastructure to assure the highest quality experience for all learners.


4. Quality and Innovation - Initiate innovation, providing technology and other relevant solutions for improving academic content and delivery as well as other business applications.


5. Market-oriented - Serve the needs of mid-career adult learners by offering relevant degree programs and the delivery of a flexible educational experience, thereby, ensuring the competitiveness and sustainability of the University.