Year Surname Name Degree Major
Scott Debbie BS Quality Control Engineering
Dennee Tammy BS
Casey-Bitterman Tammy BS Human Resources
1986 Sadorf Nancy General-credits
1987 Elashmawy Housam Eldin Ph.D. CO
1988 Terescik John BS Electrical Engineering
Hawkins Kim BS Crimnal Justice
1989 Klue Jerome BS Criminal Justice
mills leisa Ph.D. heath care
Kelley Jr W. Paul BS Criminal Justice
1990 kiriakidis alexander Ph.D. business administration
Bailey Robert BA Healthcare Admin
1991 Paul Daniel BS Criminal Justice
Hart Michael BS Electrical Engineering
1992 Ghaffarian Kam Ph.D. School of Engineering
FAOURY MAZEN Ph.D. Ph. D in Civil Engineering
OSURMAN STEPHANIE MBA EXECUTIVE/Human Resources/International Business/
1993 Klaproth David BS Business Administration
Trout Paul BS Computer Science
Sacawisastra Sudrajat Ph.D. Business Administration
1994 Bou Akel Elie BA International Business Administration
Hardjo Eliezer Ph.D. International Business
Paulis Gary BS Engineering
Paulis Gary BS Engineering
harris ivan BS engineering
Jim James L. Salm BS Quality Control/Assurance
Gojer Leonard MS Computer Science
Robertson Mark BS Engineering Electrical
Birdsell Milton BS Mech Eng
Sulik Pete MSc. Master of Science Business Administration Management
1995 Wilson Blane Ph.D. Health Administration
Hoedebeck Daniel BS Business Administration
Karolys Jean Marcel MBA MBA/PhD International Business
Chahu Manuel BA Management information systems
Hanner Thomas BS Quality Assurance and Quality Control
1996 hills charles LLB Taxation
Parker Dwayne BS Human Resource Management
Johnston Jean BS Human Resource Management
Ghsot Lisa MS MS Management Information Systems
Zaragoza Marfá Pablo MBA MARKETING
1997 Woodard Bernard BS Business Administration
Faire-Doeing Erma Ph.D. Psychology
Pao Her Lee HeuPao Peter Lee Ph.D. Computer Science
Macintosh Randall BS Engineering: Quality Control
Lashinsky Thomas BS Mechanical Engineering
McComb William BA Business Administration
1998 Goodman Aaron Ph.D. Business
arendt norm Ph.D. Engineering safety
Brewer Stephen BS MIS
Thrasher Tracey BS Business Administration
1999 Hardwick Bradley BS Computer Science
Meyer Chris BS Engineering: Environmental
Meyer Chris BS Enviromental Engineering
Abbott Christopher BA Business Administratuin
Waterman Dave Ph.D. Computer Science
Sullivan Eddie Ph.D. Health Administration
Sullivan Eddie Ph.D. Heath Administration
John John BS safety
Cannone Lynne BS Hea
Anderson Michael BA Safety Engineering
Harris Patrick MS Engineering Management
Daran Sreend BS Electrical Engineering
2000 Fairweather Bruce Ph.D. Engineering Safety
Bohlmann Chuck BS Business Administration
Pamela Crawford Ph.D. Philosophy in education
Parker Daniel Ph.D. Business Admin
Rowton Douglas BS Computer Science
Abolfathi Farahmarz Ph.D. Engineering Management
ABUAZAB Hussam MSc. Computer Science
Dismang Jerilyn BS Business
Robbins Katherine BS Healthcare Administration
Murphy Marie BS Business
Lang Richard BS Management Information Systems
Ramirez Ruben BA Business Administration
Windsor Samuel MS Master of Science in Business Administration
richard schuler BA Business
Cain Scott BS Safety Engineering
Mastrianni Steve Ph.D. Computer Science
Medlin Thomas BS Mech Eng
Campbell Wilford BS Safety Engineering
2001 Schmitz Glass Beverly Ph.D. Healthcare Administration
Floravit Charlotte BS Health Administration
Culpepper Deborah MS Master of Science and Human Resource
Wehrmeyer Douglas BS Engineering
Gambill Garry Lee BS Quality Engineering
Bundy Jeremy BS Engineering-Quality Control
Lucas Jerry BS General Engineering
Nelson, Ph.D., CPLP Jimmy A. Ph.D. Psychology
Prescott John BS Safety Engineering
Hartley John BS Management Information Systems
Bishop John BS Management of Technology
Watkins Kathryn MBA Business Administration
Saffell Mark BS Management of Information Systems
Carver Melanie MS Leadership
Ludwin Raymond BS Business Administration
Courtney Robert BS Electrical Engineering
Halbert Robert BS Business Administration
Alkhallagi Salah Ph.D. Healthcare Administration
Sotherland Scott BS Management Information Systems
Ogunmodede Victor Ph.D. Management Information Systems
Ogunmodede Victor A. Ph.D. Management Information Systems
2002 Esparsen II Albert Ph.D. Health Administration
Couch Beverly MBA MBA
Gordon Charles Business Administration
Butler Chris Ph.D. MIS
Paprocki Christopher BS Electrical Engineering
Johnson Davene BS Health Administration
Cabeza Deshawn BA Business Administration
Norton Geoffrey BS Business Administration
Johnson Gerald Ph.D. Healthcare Administration
Oyanedel Javier Ph.D. International Business Administration
Simms Jerome BS Mechanical Engineering
Heyman Jerrold Ph.D. Computer Science
Bennett John Ph.D. Computer Science
Mohamed Khaled Ph.D. Engineering Management
Williams Melvina BS Engineering: Safety
Psillos Michael MS General Engineering
Psillos Michael MS General Engineering
Corridan Mr. BS Engineering: Mechanical
James Prusinski BS Electrical
Nichols Rich BS Electronic Engineering
Koch Rodney BS Management Information Systems
Burkhart Rondall BS Quality Control
metzger roy BS Electrical Engineering
Castro Sabrina BS Business Management & Quality Assurance
Martin Scotty BS Healthcare Administration
Rajappa Suresh Ph.D. Computer Science
Chamberlain Suzan BS Business Administration
Engelsma Tom BS Management Information Systems
Batterson Walter BS MIS
Silvestri William MS Engineering
Davis william BS qualitycontrol
Li Yuyue Ph.D. BUS
2003 Wilson Aileen MBA MBA
Wolfe Angela BS Management and Leadership
Roberson April BS Safety Engineering
Baumhoefner Arlen Ph.D. Business Administration
Foster (Ridgeway) Becky Ph.D. Health Services Administration
MARVIN CATHERINE MS Management of Technology
Dawson Charles BS MIS
Frazier Clista BS Business Administration
Ferrando Diane BS Management and Leadership
Neelkantapillai Dinesh MS MIS
McPherson Donald Ph.D. Management Information Systems
Bailer Herman BS Management Information Systems
Pankowski Janusz MBA Business Administration
Jagroo Johnny Ph.D. MIS
Morton Larry Ph.D. Information Systems
Yzaguirre Laura MS Financial Management
Yzaguirre Laura MS Business Administration
Pittman Lois BS Information Technology
Pranger (Stevens) Lori MBA Business
Terrero Lorraine BA Management and Leadership
Braml Mike MBA Operations Management
HAZEM MOHD AMMAR Ph.D. Engineering Management
Beatty Randy Ph.D. Engineering Management
Bridgwater Ronald BS Mechanical Engineering
Ward Ryan BS Management Information Systmes
Schuster Steven BS MIS
Schlackman Stuart MBA Marketing
Davis Tamara BS MIS
Thorn Tammy BS Business Admin
Cioch Thomas BS Business Administration
Bare Thomas BS Mechincal Engineering
Wojtowicz Timothy BS BA
Peddicord Wende BS Health Administration
Halfmann Wendy BS Health Administration
Lawson William Ph.D. MIS
2004 DeBono Alfred BS Managent & Leadership
Alicea Alfredo BA Buisness
Kotian Amit MS Computer Science
Anand Andrew BS E-commerce / E-business
Hoover Carnel Ph.D. Business Administration
Hogan Daniel Ph.D. Management
hudson david MS Engineering Management
Naglieri Prescod Deborah PhD
Shah Deval BS Management in Information systems
Wilson Francis BS Mechanical Engineering
Jacobsen Gary A. Ph.D. Engineering Management
Moehn Gerard MBA Leadership
Abu Zahieh Imad BA General Engineering
Mercier Janice Ph.D. Health Administration
Leinberger Jeff BS Business
Murphy Jodi BS Health Administration
Cromonic John BS Business Admin
Gariepy Josee BA 2004
Pink Ken BS Business Administration
Keam Lori BS Management of Technology
Holbrook Luther Stephen BS Business Administration
Wake Mary BS Leadership
Cyrus Matthew BS Safety Management
Gottwald Michael BS Software Engineering
Mauldin Miles BS Management Information Systems
Abromavage Molly BA Management and Leadership
Chaplin Parrish BS Quality Control
Welsh Richard BS Quality
Crowson Richard
Reed Samuel MS Environmental Engineering
Valentine Stephanie BS health care admisistation
Bryant Tammy BA Business Administration
Richardson Valerie BS NA
2005 Thomas Alan BS Computer Science
Molina ALex BS Management Information Systems
Arredondo Andrea MBA Business
Sapene Carlos MS Engineering Management
Kirk Casey BS Engineering
Huerta Christopher BS Management Information Systems
Fry Conni BS Management Information Systems
Knickerbocker Daniel BS Management and Leadership
Casey Darrell Ph.D. Business Administration
Phillips Dean BS Health Administration
Sorensen Derek BS General Engineering
Crowthers Edward Ph.D. Engineering Management
OSullivan Eric BA Marketing / Business
Baker Grant BS MIS
Gonzalez Jesse BS Managment of Technology
Stancik John MS Business Administration
Ogunsanya Joseph Ph.D. Business Administration
Morris Jr. Joseph BS Mechanical Engineering
McCracken Kelly BS Safety Engineering
Surji Kemal Ph.D. Health Administration
Blair Lisa BA Business Administration
Burke Lori BS Health Administration
Walls Michael Ph.D. Education
Fabian Nina BA Business
Wilcox Norman BS Engineering
wilcox norman BS engineering
Holmes Paul BS Safety Engineer
Sgaglio Richard Ph.D. Health Administration
Giglio Robert BS Business Administration
Loginov Robert BS QCM
Rutan Scott BS Mechanical Engineering
Jayabalan SRIDHAR MS Management Information Systems
Aumer Sue Ph.D. Management Information Systems
Morton Tammy Ph.D. Health Administration
LAVINE TED BA Environmental Engineering
Pierce Thomas BS Electrical Engineering
Liggett Tricia Ph.D. Engineering Management
Prochorenko Walter Ph.D. International Business
Eastham William Ph.D. Organizational Psych
2006 Pollard Angela BS Quality Control
Stein Ann Marie MBA
Knox Bruce MS Engineering Management
Moody Christopher BS Management Information Systems
destefano erika BA Business Administration
Koistinen Gary BS Finance
Spires Greg BS Healthcare Administration
Nath Indranil Ph.D. Engineering Management
Bauer James BS Management Information Services
Dornak Jamie BS Business Administration
Dornak Jamie BS Business Administration
Baine Jeffrey BA Computer Science
Chasse Jill Ph.D. health administration
Mortensen John BS MIS
Mayled Jonathan BS Management Information Systems
Roe Karen
tolin marc BS Mech Engineering
Wright Mary Anne BS BS Health Admin - did not graduate
Kahn Mayier Ph.D. Physiology
Eskew Michael BS Electrical Engineering
Gardner Michael MBA BSME
Mauldin Miles BS MIS
Dhillon Paramjatinder MS Environmental Engineering
Herrington Peter Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy - Public Administration
Daniel Philip BS Electrical Engineering
Gawel Phillip MS Quality Management
Brown Robert Ph.D. Computer Management
Clift Robert BS Management and Leadership
Turner Robink BS Business Administration
Runge Roland MS Health admin
Neumann Shelia Ph.D. Environmental Engineering
Shawn ssnow5 BS Electrical Engineering
Davis Stephen J. BA Business & Leadership
Corl Steve MA Healthcare Administration
Penn Suzanne Ph.D. Business Management
Dixon Timothy BS Environmental engineering
Duncan Walter BS Business Administration
Frederick William BS Finance
Kim Won BS Finance
Yvonne Miller Yvonne Miller BA business administration
2007 Zamzow Jr Charles Ph.D. Engineering Management
Rinehart Darren BA Business Management
Thomas David MBA Business
Brassell Deborah Ph.D. Health Administration
Wood Donald Ph.D. Safety Engineering
Smith Erik BA Management Information Systems
Foster Jeffery BS Management and Leadership
aynes john BS Business Administration
Adams Jon BS Safety Engineering
Kratz Keith BS business administration and environmental engineering
Ramirez Lisbet BS Human Resource Management
Dennis Lynn BA healh care administration
Wright Mary Anne BS Health Admin
Courter Matthew BS Electrical Engineering Option A
Bogan Matthew BS Business Administration
Wright Michael BS Safety Engineering
Bush Paul BS Management Information Systems
Schaedler Paul BS Mechanical Engineering
Graham Randolph BS Information system
Peaks Roy BS Electrical Engineering
Mooney Sandra MA Human resource mgmt
Sanchez Sandra BS Health Care Administration
Chandrasekaran Sateesh MS Management Information Systems
Chatterjee Shankar MS Computer Sc.
Wigglesworth Susan BA BSHA
James Susan BS Computer Science
brands terry BS Business
Vann Theresa Ph.D. Business
2008 Olsen Ann Ph.D. Business Admin
Dawson Charles (Bill) Ph.D. Heatlh Care Administration
Gold Claudette BA Business Administration
Milton Clifford BS Electrical Engineering
Yost Cynthia BS Business Administration
Jones David BS Software Engineering
Lihard Enzo BS Software Engineer
Booker Gene Ph.D. Business
Rittenhouse Gregory BS Healthcare Administration
Burton James BS Health Administration
Minihan Jerry Ph.D. PhD - Engineering Management
Piontkowski Joseph J BS Computer Science
Judy Tibbetts Hall Judy Lynn Tibbetts MBA Kennedy Western University
Ortiz Kenneth BS Organizational Psychology
McCauley Laurie BS Health Care Adm
Hall Mark Ph.D. Engineering: General
Whitfield Michael MBA Business Administration
Wulfeck Michael BS Management / Leadership
Kerezsi Michael BS Electrical Engineering
James Rev. Dr. Zenobia A Ph.D. Health Administration
Andrews Rick BS Electrical Engineering
Smith Rick MBA 2008
Blythe Roxane MBA business administration
McDonald Thomas BS Healthcare Administration
denton thomas Ph.D. environmental engineering
Sprentall Todd BS Mechanical Engineering
Hauck Wally Ph.D. Business Administration
2009 Coleman Charles BS Mechanical Engineering
Hess Dee Ph.D. Health Administration
Fagan Faith BS Business Administration
Knudsen Jay BS Mechanical Engineering
Pavlovich Jeanie Ph.D. Health Administration
Barker Jeremy BS Business Administration
Vargas Jon BS Electrical Engineering
Wolf Keith Ph.D. Environmental Engineering
Burnside Kenny BS Engineering: Environmental
Coleman Lydia MS Health Administration
Davis LyRae BA business administration
McGeary McGeary BS Quality Control
Dow Melissa BS BS-Engineering Safty
Valenti Melissa BS Health Administration
Dow Melissa BS Safety Engineering
rhonda patterson MBA Business
Sadasivam Prabhu MS BA
Barber Robert Ph.D. Health Administration
Summers Robert Ph.D. Business Administration
dierks scott BS safety engineering
Syed Shakhi BA Business Administration
Gordon Susan MS Health Administration
Carter Tracy MBA Business Admiinistration
ONeil Travis BS Business Management
klunder wert BA health administration
Warmington William BA Criminal Justice
Fasusi Yetunde Ph.D. Health Administration