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Mission Statement

The Kennedy-Western University facilities, financial resources, administrative capabilities, faculty and other necessary educaional expertise and resources ensure the capability of fulfulling the program or programs ofr enrolled students.


The Kennedy-Western Universty faculty is fully qualified to undertake the level of instruction that they are assigned, possess appropriate degrees, and have demonstated professional achivements in the major field or fields offered to provide the educational services.


The Kennedy-Western University educational services and curriculum clearly relate to the objective of the prposed program or programs and offer students the opporutnity for a quality education.


The facilities are appropriate for the deifned education objectives and are sufficuent to ensure quality education services to the students enrolled in the program or programs.


TheKennedy-Western University course of study for which the degree is granted provides the curriculum necessary to achieve its professed academic objective for higher education, and requires a level of academic achievements appropriate to that degree. The institution provides adequate student advisement services, academic planning and curriculum development activities.


Prior experiential learning is onjectively quantified and is applicable only in disciples with the institutions curricular offerings that are appropriate to the degree to be prusued.





Kennedy-Western University

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