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Thinking of starting a new group, or looking for advice in running one? All the information you need is here, and we're here to help.


Kennedy-Western Alumni Groups come in all shapes and sizes, from regional social gatherings to high-tech business networking


The strong network of Kennedy-Western University Groups caters to everyone who attended Kennedy-Western University. Many of these Groups hold regular events, meetings and activities, encouraging alumni to network, socialise and become supporters of the University.


There is no one size fits all approach to running an Alumni Group, however, to help ensure that volunteer-led Alumni Groups continue to offer valuable support to the Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association, and that the Development and Alumni Relations team provides the best possible services to Alumni Groups around the world

Starting a Alumni Group

If you are a Group's primary contact or leader, each month you will receive our dedicated monthly bulletin.


This informative mailing provides you with the latest news regarding the Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association, the opportunity to share best practice with your fellow leaders and keep up to date about the services the Development and Alumni Relations team are able to offer you and a whole lot more.


If you have any feedback about the mailing, please email Jamie Dormak at networks@kwu-alumni.org.

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