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Thinking of starting a new group, or looking for advice in running one? All the information you need is here, and we're here to help.


Kennedy-Western Alumni Groups come in all shapes and sizes, from regional social gatherings to high-tech business networking


The strong network of Kennedy-Western University Groups caters to everyone who attended Kennedy-Western University. Many of these Groups hold regular events, meetings and activities, encouraging alumni to network, socialise and become supporters of the University.


There is no one size fits all approach to running an Alumni Group, however, to help ensure that volunteer-led Alumni Groups continue to offer valuable support to the Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association, and that the Development and Alumni Relations team provides the best possible services to Alumni Groups around the world

Starting a Alumni Group

Email recruitment mailings are an effective way of engaging alumni with Alumni Groups


Alumni are encouraged to respond directly to the Group making it easy for you to electronically collate email addresses. Feedback provided  by Groups has shown that response rates to these emails are high and that feedback is positive.


Top emailing tips


The most effective emails:


1. are short and concise

2. contain a short introduction  to the Group

3. include publicity for an interesting or attractive event

4. have an easy way for alumni to get in touch with your Group


Recruitment emailing procedure


The procedure for sending recruitment emails is as follows:


1. Inform us at least three weeks before the intended mailing date, remembering to leave enough notice time for the event and RSVPs.

2. Decide who you want the email sent to and which area(s) your Group covers. We will inform you of how many alumni should expect to receive the


3. Send us the text of your email. We will send you a few examples of recent recruitment mailings allowing you to see the format of the emails.

4. Once both parties are happy with the mailing the email will be sent.


Whilst we endeavour to send the email on the date requested we need to consider the mailing date of other Alumni Relations emails such as an e-bulletin, messages from the Alumni Association President and other event notices.


After the email is sent, you should start to receive replies by email. Please be prepared for this by having a database and willing volunteer ready to record the replies locally.


If all goes well you should have gained some more members and expanded your contact list.


We continually look to improve our email recruitment methods and welcome feedback. You will receive a short survey from us about a month after the mailing. These surveys are important for us, in order to track which emails have been most successful, and therefore advise other Groups who send recruitment emails.


The Alumni Relations team is only able to send one email per year for regional Groups only.

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