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About us

The Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association (KWUAA) aims to help you stay in touch with your University, your college and other KWUer, wherever you are in the world. We provide valuable benefits and programs that let our members tap into this vast network and stay connected to the Leaders and Best. Our vision and mission statements highlight our dedication to serve all KWUAA alumni. KWUAA is formed by group of former graduates with an objective to:


1. Nurture relationships among members/graduate alumnus

2. Explore and Offer programs of relevance and services to Alumni/graduates (Transcript Services, Employer Verification, other membership benefits)

3. Grow KWUAA to become a significant voice that will enable our hard work, study, degrees recognised and appreciated.


The Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and operates independently organization.


Vision Statement


The Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association is the hub of member's University community through which they access the resources to better themselves, the University, and their world.


Mission Statement


The Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association is an independent, worldwide organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future Kennedy-Western alumni. The Association offers programs of relevance and service to alumni. Underlying all that we do is the belief in the value of education to the well being of society, and a commitment to integrity, diversity, and service. KWUAA is not affilated to former Kennedy Western University (KWU), former Warren National University (WNU) or its founder directly or indirectly.

Under the governance of the Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association Executive Board of Directors, the Alumni Affairs Office sponsors a variety of programs and services to promote the Kennedy-Western University, its welfare and the interests of its alumni. Membership is open to any person who are graduates from Kennedy-Western University (later renamed as Warren National University) and the former faculty and teaching staff of Kennedy-Western University. In addition, the Executive Board shall have the discretion to allow any other persons to become Members of the Alumni Association.  


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The Council is composed of 17 members who have full fiduciary responsibility and accountability for detailed decision-making related to Association governance. With the Association’s help, board members are to stay informed of Association and University issues and promote the Association’s mission, goals and objectives to relevant constituencies, as well as advance the view of their constituencies to the Association.


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Kennedy-Western University was a post-secondary, distance learning, unaccredited private university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Kennedy-Western University (renamed as Warren National University) was registered with the Wyoming Department of Education under W.S. 21-2-401 through 21-2-407.


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Welcome to Pathways, a publication of Kennedy-Western University created especially for, and focusing on, our graduates. Pathways will be produced bi-annually, and will provide you with updates on your fellow alumni, as well as information about new programs and initaitves.

aka Warren National University