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Kennedy Western University Association, kwu-alumni.orgPrivacy and Information Security Policy ("Privacy Policy" or "Policy") 

Effective Date: March 19, 2013





The Policy is designed to help you understand generally how kwu-alumni.org (the "Site") collects personally identifying information about you and how it uses and discloses that personal information. kwu-alumni.org is a Web site of the Kennedy Western University Alumni Association (the "Association," "we," "us" etc.), a alumni association existing under the laws of the United States of America. You may contact us at our Address For Legal Notices below. This Policy applies to information that personally identifies you (other than publicly available information) ("personal information") collected on kwu-alumni.org or any additional Foundation Web properties or third-party sites managed by the Association or, where indicated, other information you provide to us. USE OF OUR SITE OR PROVISION OF ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION CONSTITUTES AGREEMENT TO THIS POLICY. DO NOT USE THE SITE OR PROVIDE INFORMATION (OR ALLOW OTHERS TO DO SO ON YOUR BEHALF) IF YOU (AND YOUR PRINCIPAL IF YOU ARE ACTING AS AGENT) DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THE TERMS OF USE INCLUDING THIS POLICY AND ANY APPLICABLE SUPPLEMENTAL PRIVACY POLICY.


1.   How Does This Policy Relate to Use of the Site?

2.   Information We Collect That You Do Not Provide

3.   Information We Collect That You Do Provide

4.   Information You Provide About Others

5.   What We Generally Do with Personal Information Collected

6.   Your Ability to Update Personal Information

7.   Information Security

8.   Your Particular Consents

9.   Children

10.  Identity Theft

11.  Amendments

12.  Information About Enforcement of Our Policy


Access to Information. You may update your profile personal information by using that Site functionality in the Jobs section.  The association retains profiles in accordance with our records retention policy.  We reserve the right to delete them and other information stored by or for you, so don’t store, for example, the only copy of a resume with us (and sometimes information will need to be re-entered). Profiles may be deleted at any time upon request by contacting info@kwu-alumni.org. Neither changes to or deletion of a profile will alter information already submitted or relied upon.


Passwords: The Terms of Use require you to keep secret your password and other access credentials confidential. That's especially important if you don't want persons obtaining your password to be able to see any resume or a profile or to see other information available (e.g., positions for which applications have been made). Also, take steps to create a safe resume:  before uploading a resume, remove any sensitive information such as social security numbers, identification numbers (e.g., driver's license), financial information, dates of birth etc. – we don't need or want that information in a resume. Security.We store data associated with your application on a site provided by a service provider. The data is not encrypted but the service provider has agreed to provide a commercially reasonable level of security.  Your resume and other data will also circulate through our offices and relevant Third Parties, and as explained in the Terms of Use, we do not guarantee security; also, we do not control Third Parties.You should assume the Site, storage and use generally is not encrypted and you should take steps to promote security (e.g., see the "Passwords" section above). 


Please be wary of email "phishing" or other scams by persons pretending to be us or a Third Party working with us – if you are contacted and asked for sensitive personal information such as financial information or your social security number etc., you should assume that someone is trying to defraud you.  We will already have that information if you provided it to us on one of our documents and so will anyone with whom we share personal information:  generally we don’t need to ask for it again. If you'd like to check with us to help determine if the person communicating with you is really us or someone we shared with, please contact

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