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Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association (KWUAA) has a remarkable history of advancing the common good with uncommon will. But a rich past is worth nothing without an investment in the future. Private philanthropy is a critical resource that empowers alums to make seemingly impossible ideas possible and turn dreams into realities. Individual support becomes collective power-the power to lead a new generation of pioneers beyond today's challenges and charge boldly toward the discoveries of tomorrow.






KWUAA's online gift processing system is an easy, fast, safe, secure and cost-effective way to give to the colleges, units or programs of choice.


Donor security is the first priority-the online gift processing system authorizes transactions in real-time and does not record or store credit card information.









Current gifts can be cash contributions given now that provide immediate impact. Examples of current gifts are cash, securities, gifts of personal and real property (gifts in kind), bargain sales and gifts of closely held stock.




Gifts of cash are an immediate transfer of funds from you to Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association. Gifts of cash can be made by personal check or credit card.




A gift of securities can be made with an electronic transfer of shares to Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association. KWUAA has accounts established with multiple brokerage firms. A gift of securities can be a good option for accumulated stock that has appreciated in value and would be subject to a 20% capital gains tax if sold.


Current tax laws provide an incentive to make a charitable gift of stock at a low tax cost. Tax savings are achieved in two ways: (1) no capital gains tax is charged when appreciated stock is transferred (gifted) to Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association. (2) a charitable income tax deduction of up to 30% of adjusted gross income can be taken for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of transfer to Kennedy-Western University Alumni Association.


The stock value is determined by the average between the high and low trade values on the date the stock enters KWUAA's account. Whether making a stock transfer electronically or by any other means, please submit a letter to KWUAA Development and Alumni Relationships Office Attn: Gift and Member Services, explaining the intent to transfer (gift) the stock. The letter, which can be mailed, should contain the name of the stock, the number of shares, the gift designation, donor's name, address and broker information. Gifts of securities may be accepted, but not negotiated by KWUAA, without a signed letter of instruction/intent from the donor(s).




The KWUAA Development and Alumni Relationship Office assists donors in exploring and executing charitable intentions in the most efficient and satisfying manner for the donor, their heirs. Through the creative planning process, charitable giving strategies are incorporated within comprehensive estate plans to fulfill philanthropic goals, reduce income taxes, avoid capital gains and possible estate taxes, retain a life income, increase spendable income, and/or reduce costs of estate settlement, all while enjoying the satisfaction of providing significant future financial support for Kennedy-Western University Alumni Assocaition.


Some popular strategies for executing charitable intentions include charitable remainder trusts and charitable bequests. Learn more about the charitable remainder trust and charitable bequest gift options.